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Contact Information:

Heather Carter, K-6 Math Specialist



Ginny Chambliss, 6-12 Math Specialist






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Math Consortium Book Study

Math Consortium Book Study

The Southeast Arkansas Education Services Cooperative is very excited to have Tracy Zager’s book, Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had.  The Co-op’s math consortium will read the book and share their thoughts at each meeting throughout the year.  On January 14, we will have the opportunity to meet Ms. Zager face-to-face as she will visit us here!  If you haven’t received your book and/or joined the discussion forum, please let Ginny Chambliss or Heather Carter know.  
















Workshop Resources

Virtual Manipulatives

ADE Standards Page


ACT ASPIRE Performance Level Descriptors

Robert Kaplinsky’s Depth of Knowledge


Teacher Resources:

NCTM: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

ACTM: Arkansas Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Mathematics Assessment Project: Formative Assessment Lessons

Math Mistakes: This site is about compiling, analyzing and discussing the mathematical errors that students make. 

Which One Doesn’t Belong: This site provides thought-provoking puzzles.

Tools to use in the classroom:

Math Dictionary: Online/Interactive Math Dictionary

Desmos: Free graphing and interactives.

GeoGebra: Free software for students and teachers for interative lessons.

Open Middle: Challenging Math Problems Worth Solving

Estimation 180: Building number sense

Math Blogs:

Robert Kaplinsky: Problem Solving Framework, Open Middle, Depth of Knowledge

Graham Fletcher: Elementary Problem Solving, Three Acts

Dan Meyer: Desmos, Three Acts

Breedeen Murray: Math Teacher, Between the Numbers

Cathy Yenca: Math Teacher, ipad lessons

Dylan Kane: Math Teacher, Math Twitter

Evan Weinberg: Math Teacher, Teaching Strategies, Geogebra

Fawn Nguyen: Math Teacher, Strategies

Geoff Krall: Newtech Math Coach, Problem/Project Based Learning

Jennifer Wilson: Math Teacher, Mathematical Practice

Jonathan Claydon: Math Teacher, The $1 Textbook

Mary Dooms: Math Teacher, Questioning in the Math Classroom

Rachel Kernodle: Math Teacher, Teaching Strategies