Secondary Teacher Resources:

NCTM: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

ACTM: Arkansas Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Mathematics Assessment Project: Formative Assessment Lessons

Math Mistakes: This site is about compiling, analyzing and discussing the mathematical errors that students make. 


Tools to use in the classroom:

Desmos: Free graphing and interactives.

GeoGebra: Free software for students and teachers for interative lessons.

Open Middle: Challenging Math Problems Worth Solving


Math Blogs:

Dan Meyer: Desmos, Three Acts

Breedeen Murray: Math Teacher, Between the Numbers

Cathy Yenca: Math Teacher, ipad lessons

Dylan Kane: Math Teacher, Math Twitter

Evan Weinberg: Math Teacher, Teaching Strategies, Geogebra

Fawn Nguyen: Math Teacher, Strategies

Geoff Krall: Newtech Math Coach, Problem/Project Based Learning

Jennifer Wilson: Math Teacher, Mathematical Practice

Jonathan Claydon: Math Teacher, The $1 Textbook

Mary Dooms: Math Teacher, Questioning in the Math Classroom

Rachel Kernodle: Math Teacher, Teaching Strategies




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